Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

Three World-Class Teams Formed to Create an Industry-Best Digital Marketing Solution for Franchise Organizations.

Who is Franchise Marketing Company?

Franchise Marketing Company is a partnership organization that combines three separate businesses that provide world-class services for their respective specialties. It includes Alderman Group (Franchise PR), Social Joey (Franchise Social Media) and SharpNET Solutions (Search Marketing & Design). Each of our award-winning companies is recognized as an industry leader, enabling franchise organizations the opportunity to receive world-class digital marketing services from a single point of contact.

PR by Alderman Group

Alderman Group is a premiere PR firm, leading our team with strategy and content marketing. Alderman will build the positive, engaging image around your brand.

Social Joey

Social Joey is the industry-leading social media marketing firm for franchise organizations. Social Joey provides engaging, fresh content with strategic and impactful delivery.

SharpNET Solutions

Founded in 1998, SharpNET has provided SEO and PPC services since the dawn of the internet. Award-winning and highly acclaimed, SharpNET drives search engine traffic.

Why Franchise Marketing Company?

Franchise Marketing Company was engineered to be a world-class digital marketing solution for franchise organizations. From franchise start-ups to established mega-franchises, we have the experience and know-how to help your brand. We offer a deep skill set and a broad service portfolio, making us specialists in most every digital marketing category. Tap our talented team to help elevate your brand above the noise.